The reality for forty thousand Australians who have purchased Combined Insurance, is that the policy they have may be overpriced and potentially not respond in the event of a claim. This is based on the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) investigation which found their salesforce to be:

  • Overselling of Policies. ARs sold Policies to Combined Insurance consumers which duplicated cover already held by the consumer and exceeded the underwriting limits imposed by Combined Insurance.
  • Twisting/Churning of Policies. ARs encouraged Combined Insurance consumers to cancel their existing policies and take up new Policies which resulted in a change of cover for no benefit and on some occasions, Detriment (i.e. the consumer was worse off and suffered loss as a result of the change).
  • Selling of Unsuitable Policies. ARs advised Combined Insurance consumers to take up Policies under which they would not be eligible for coverage, as they:
    i. were ineligible to hold a Policy; or
    ii. sought coverage for potential injury caused as a result of activities that were specifically excluded under the Policy (such as professional sports and off -road dirt-bike riding).

Insurance HQ Pty Ltd is here to assist those clients devastated by the actions of Combined Insurance Australia’s sales force and subsequent termination.

  • Reviewing your existing Combined Insurance policies to ensure that the sums insured and coverage meet your needs and expectations.
  • Compare your insurance coverage and costs with Combined Insurance against our panel of 70 PA insurers.
  • Negotiate coverage which includes medical, sporting, lifestyle and occupational activities excluded under Combined Insurance policies.
  • Ensure policies are remarketed and renewed as required.
  • Provide claims management and lodgement services should you need assistance with either an existing claim or a new claim.

It is extremely rare for an insurance company to terminate their advisers and provide such limited services to those with existing policies, however in this instance this appears to have been the case with Insurance HQ Pty Ltd having received requests for help from clients unsure of the suitability or cost effectiveness of their Combined Insurance policy. The good news is that for most customers Insurance HQ Pty Ltd has been able to negotiate coverage that meets a client’s needs and should respond as expected in the event of a claim.

So who Is Insurance HQ Pty Ltd?


Insurance HQ started as Your Risk Adviser in 2007, but rebranded in July 2016 to better reflect the industry niche brands we operate such as Miners Insurance HQ, Truck Insurance HQ and Gym Insurance HQ to mention a few.

We are part of Australia’s largest general insurance brokerage group (NAS) which is part owned by the IAG group which is one of Australia’s largest insurers.

We have access to over 170 insurers and have specialist brokers who can assist with insurance ranging from home and motor, business property, liability, farm, commercial vehicle, farm and income replacement to name a few.

Importantly we have NEVER had any form of fine, penalty, breach or suspension and have in fact been ranked as one of Australia’s top brokerages by National Adviser Services and Insurance Business Magazine on several occasions.

How Do I Get Insurance HQ To Help Me?

The first step is to contact our office on 1300 815 344, and let us know that you are an Ex Rural and General Insurance Broker (RGIB) customer and need assistance.

From here we will obtain a copy of your existing insurance coverage and compare this with your personal circumstances and expectations and review the various options available to ensure you get the coverage you need and expect.

Get Back Control of Your Insurance Now. Call 1300 815 344


The simple answer seems to be that the remuneration and bonus structure offered by Combined Insurance, encouraged their sales force to oversell clients in order to inflate premiums, as well as to disregard the clients personal circumstances when compared to the policy coverage and limitations in order to make more, higher value sales.

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Employee Feedback

“I have been working at Combined Insurance full-time (More than a year) Products are straight-forward and easy to sell Earn 80 – 100k easily, in first year Bonuses to die for!”

“As most know in sales jobs there is no ceiling for success, and that is the truth with Combined.” “They pay the best and they reward with trips/incentives the best!” “Claims are not consistently being paid and take a while to get resolved. Other than that I think every company will have their problems, no one place is perfect.”